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»To die in Harness« – or forever young behind the couch

Volume 18, 2021, Nr. 2

Eike Hinze:

»To die in Harness« – or forever young behind the couch (Abstract)

The author emphasizes two issues which seem to be especially pertinent in discussing questions connected with the aging analyst. In this attempt he draws on his own experience of »aging behind the couch«.
   1. Every society harbours widespread assumptions, fantasies, prejudices and stereotypes about old age. They are not primarily based on scientific insight, but are mainly expressions of anxiety and freight of old age, frailty and dementia. Old age is the unfamiliar per se. Analysts as part of their society are subjected to the same stereotypes about old age. They have no privileged approach to questions of old age. The title of the panel »The elderly are someone else« points in this direction. Our own anxieties and fantasies are projected onto the phantasma of an old decrepit analyst who does not see his own age-related shortcomings and has the potential to damage and re-traumatize his patients.
   2. Focussing solely on the phase of old age is insufficient and inadequate for studying the situation of the elderly analyst. One has to take into account the life-long developmental and aging (Nascentes morimur) process of an analyst to get